Chemscape Safety Technologies Inc.

Health & Safety


Manages chemicals first with SDSs and uses data to assess risks and predict controls. The SDSs are updated every 3 years automatically. Clients get a secure website with access to their SDSs. Clients can build online binders for their vendors SDSs, batch print, workplace labels and create from data collected and can be printed on standard label paper. Health based safety videos that relate to chemicals in their workplace and related health topics. Advanced tools are available for environmental reporting and health risk assessment programs. 150 icons are used to pride work direction.


Manage SDSs by tracking issue dates and getting updated every 3 years beyond the SHS / WHIMS 2015 requirements. SmartCharts with safe handling and response reference charts with images for hazards, PPE, administrative controls, first aid, fire and spill response. Safety meeting videos able to relate and identify health hazards at a site. Smartphone or mobile device so SDSs are always available even out of cell range.