Prerequisite Program Management System

This tool offers food safety managers the ability to select any number of Prerequisite Program standards (such as AHA! or FSEP) which the company would like to prepare for and achieve. The tool is meant to help organizations perform better on their external audits, and to perform internal audits in the interim.

Each audit protocol allows administrators to drill down to the bullet level, such as:

    1. Customer Complaint System
      1. - Customer Complaint Records
        1. The operator has a program in place for documenting customer complaints, which shall include:
          • Differentiation between quality issues and food safety issues;
          • Source of complaint and contact details;
          • Description of the problem (e.g. illness, allergy, foreign matter, chemical taste, quality issue);
          • Where applicable, details of injury or illness;
          • Product details including product name, package size, identifying codes; and
          • For consumer complaints, retailer information including store where purchased and date of purchase.

For each bullet, you can:

  1. Enter notes (what systems you have in place, progress being made, plans, explanations, etc.)
  2. Update the status (as either "Compliant", "Not Applicable" or "Deficient"
  3. Link to web pages (such as policies, training videos, certificates, compliance reports) in the safety management system
  4. Upload documents (such as spreadsheets, Word or PDF documents) in the event you are not using the online system to manage food safety

Once you have all the appropriate links or documents in place to satisfy the bullet, change the status to "Compliant" (it will track the date and user for each entry). Keep doing this for each subsequent bullet until you have the entire audit protocol satisfied, meaning you've either completed the internal audit, or you are ready for a 3rd party auditor to come and check your work.

Begin your Prerequisite Program Management now.