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Alberta's prosperity is tied to people, productivity and innovation. AFPA's programming focuses on these concepts: attracting and retaining a talented workforce, maximizing the performance of this workforce, and finding innovative ways to address challenges.

Human resource development is a key facet of a strategic plan. Having a clear idea of the current state of your workers' competencies and a view to the desired state is imperative to one's ability to meet company objectives. AFPA offers the industry assistance to maximize its resources, time, talent and money.

Some of the recent projects we have embarked upon include the following:

Assessment of the Alberta Oil Sands Market Potential:

  • Assesses the current food and beverage purchasing practices of Alberta oil work camps
  • Determines benchmark capacity and best practices required for Alberta food and beverage processors to be able to enter into procurement contracts with Alberta oil work camps.
  • Identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and barriers of supplying food and beverage products to the Alberta oil work camps.
  • Assesses the market potential or Alberta food and beverage processors to supply value added products to Alberta's oil sands work camps.
  • Contact for more information.

Global Talent Untapped Series: This series provides relevant tools and resources for employers who recruit, hire, train and sustain a global workforce. There are six resources that can be purchased individually or as a package.
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Essential Skills:

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