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AFPA, Alberta Human Services and Workers' Compensation Board have partnered to respond to industry needs by offering the Partnership Program. This is a voluntary program that is designed to encourage the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management systems.

A workplace health and safety program can improve the safety of your workplace as well as:

  • Reduce accidents
  • Reduce costly human and financial consequences due to accidents
  • Improve work practices and productivity
  • Improve communication throughout your company
  • Improve employee morale and attitudes towards safety

After your health and safety program has been developed you must conduct an audit by an AFPA-certified external auditor. AFPA then reviews the audit under the Partnerships Quality Assurance Standards and, if successful, a COR is issued. The COR's are valid for up to three years as long as all maintenance audit requirements are met.

By participating in this program, AFPA members have the opportunity to receive a minimum rebate of 10% the first year and up to 20% of their annual WCB premium while in the program.

AFPA COR Program

AFPA acts as a certifying partner for the Partnerships program. The steps which a company must follow to be eligible for rebates are as follows:

  1. Register with WCB in the Partnerships program naming AFPA as their certifying partner. This must be done prior to December 31, for inclusion in the program for the next year.
  2. Notify AFPA of their intention to participate in the program and pays the administration fee.
  3. Send your Health and Safety Coordinator to the 2 day "Program Building" course, which lays out the requirements of a health and safety program.
  4. Institute a Heath and Safety program which meets AFPA's & Partnerships requirements.
  5. Hire an AFPA-certified auditor to perform an external audit to confirm that your program meets the provincial standards. The costs for this are borne by the company.
  6. AFPA will review the audit to ensure it meets Partnerships standards. Once the audit passes review a Certificate of Recognition (COR) valid for three years will be issued to your company.
  7. In each of the two intermediate years, your company must conduct an internal audit. AFPA offers internal auditor training as well. The internal audit will also be submitted to AFPA for review. Successful completion of the internal audits ensures that the COR remains valid.
  8. On the fourth year the cycle begins again and another external audit must be performed.

For further information, contact or call 403-201-3657 ext. 28.