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Elective Course Outlines

AFPA s a Certifying Partner for the food, beverage & allied industries & offers the Partners program for achieving your Certificate of Recognition (COR). But you do not have to be registered in our Partnership program to benefit from our Health & Safety classes! There is no reason why you & your employees cannot enjoy both the value and benefits of good safety training. Raise morale & lower your lost time claims rate! You can save money on lost time, property damage & injuries that result from such accidents/events.

Understanding Office Safety - provides general employee information about Office Safety, and to provide guidance to Managers and office staff on the elements of safe office work. Topics to be covered are:

  • Company H&S policy and management commitment
  • Hazard identification, risks and risk management in the office
  • Office Housekeeping, lighting, stairways, storage
  • Office Inspection programs
  • Your work station and set up (basic ergonomics)
  • Manual handling, filing cabinets, waste disposal, electrical hazards, slips-trips-falls, hazardous substances
  • Worker emergency response training
  • Ab. OH&S Overview (clear, concise information every office based employee must know in Alberta)
  • Office Security
  • Best practices and helpful tips

Fatigue Management - provides general information about workplace fatigue factors, fatigue management issues, and personal fatigue prevention tips and strategies. Topics to be covered are:

  • Fatigue and Performance
  • Causes of fatigue/systemic causes of fatigue
  • Your body clock
  • Fatigue Management/health management
  • Family and social life
  • Best practices and helpful tips

OH&S for Dummies - provides easy to understand overview of employee Ab. OH&S responsibilities as per legislative requirements. Topics to be covered are:

  • Safety Act-aspects of the law, Supervisor's roles, due diligence, ticketing/penalties
  • Safety Regulations-aspects of regulation for controlled products, general protection of workers
  • Safety Code-aspects of minimum requirements for all occupational activities, competent worker, offences

Performing Proper Workplace Inspections - provides general guidance and best practices for performing proper workplace inspections. A well-managed workplace inspection program is an excellent tool to determine potential problems, assess procedures and equipment risks, as well as observe and talk to your workers to prevent injury or loss. Completing the report, capturing in detail your observations and recommendations, having them reviewed by management, making required changes or improvements and following up to ensure effectiveness is very important to any successful inspection program. Topics to be covered are:

  • Completion of Inspections can…12 common results
  • Types of Inspections
  • 12 Steps to good planned inspections
  • Analyzing the information, determine basic causes
  • Corrective actions
  • Communicating findings, improvements

GHS / WHMIS 2015 Train-the-Trainer - Coming Soon... - What you need to know to run an effective GHS/WHMIS 2015 training session in your organization. Updated information on the GHS transition, new training, and compliance requirements. Easy to understand materials are suitable for low literacy levels. Comes with a Trainer Manual, a Participant Manual, quizzes, answer keys, overheads, etc.
   **(Currently under review, call AFPA for available courses if immediate training is required)**

Joint Health & Safety Committees - Coming Soon...

St. John's First Aid Course available by request.
Company specific or onsite/group training available by request
Mandatory courses now available, see separate schedule of elective course offerings and descriptions

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