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New Face of Agri-processing Conference - May 30-31, 2017

Posted on Thursday, June 01, 2017 / Revised on Friday, June 09, 2017

Thank you for joining us at AFPA's sustainability conference - THE NEW FACE OF AGRI-PROCESSING: Growth & Innovation In The New Green Economy.

The only conference of its kind, we hope you found valuable information in all our speaker sessions.

From this page you have access to:

- speaker session PPTs


- conference feedback form

We encourage you to provide your feedback on the conference and on individual speakers, to help AFPA continue to tailor information to your needs.

- Is The New Green Economy Good For Business? - Bob Willard 
- Public Trust Findings—What We Learned & Why It's Important To Your Business - Kim McConnell 
- Food Processing In Canada And Alberta: Is The Industry Ripe For Growth? - Craig Klemmer 
- Sustainability - Marketing With A Purpose - Devin Borst 
++ Conference Feedback Form MS Word format
- Purposely Profitable: Embedding Sustainability into the DNA of Food Processors - Brett Wills  
- Growing Great Performance To Drive Your Business Forward - Kristen Cumming 
- Find The Hidden Profit In Your Procurement & Transportation Streams - Chris Luery 
- Looking At Productivity Through a New Lens - Lori Schmidt 
- Sustainable Journey Of A Global Brand: Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan - Catherine McVitty 
- Sustainability From A Co-operative Perspective - Ken Keelor 
- Don’t Manage Food Waste, Prevent It - Bruce Taylor + Aleks Poldma 
- The Sustainability Value Equation & Benefits Of Risk Management - Richard Arthurs 
- Real World Sustainability: Online Tools & Resources That Create Business Value - Meena Hassanali