Computer based online safety management is emerging as the system of choice for companies in need of a flexible, accessible solution to compliance challenges. By utilizing an advanced, computerized safety management system, companies of any size in can stay current and compliant without the need for mountains of paper. We believe that much like accounting systems in the 1990's and CRM systems in the 2000's; all companies will be using computer-based safety programs in this decade. Online safety training programs make total compliance and worker safety easier and more accountable than ever.

With each worker assigned a unique safety portal in the online system, workers can access and complete certificate training on any PC individually, with minimal impact on the workforce. Safety teams can now spend fewer hours on coordinating compliance, contract management, pre-qualification systems and endless internal safety meetings and correspondence.

A total, comprehensive online management program eliminates fragmented information storage and collection - all compliance and training data is compiled in one place for easy access. A company's administrative workload is greatly reduced since an online system manages data collection and analysis, reports, records and corrective actions. Achieving the continuous improvement and incident prevention you strive for requires less time and effort, while yielding optimal results.