Food and Beverage Canada-Aliments et boissons Canada (FBC-ABC)

Leading food and beverage companies and organizations in Canada have come together to build a new, national not-for-profit association focused on elevating the success and positive influence of the Canadian food and beverage sector. On behalf of Food and Beverage Canada/Aliments et boissons Canada (FBC-ABC), I encourage you to join this industry association with a difference. While small to medium sized companies are represented on FBC-ABC through AFPA, I urge large companies to consider joining FBC-ABC. As a member based organization, it will have to rely on membership fees going forward.

FBC-ABC is an organization uniquely positioned to be a unified and leading voice for Canada’s food and beverage stakeholders. We currently represent more than 1,500 food and beverage processing businesses from coast to coast. Membership includes all of Canada’s provincial and regional food and beverage associations, together with food and beverage manufacturers who are leaders in this sector. The organization’s breadth is further increased by the inclusion of associate members that are key industry suppliers and service providers.

FBC-ABC has unparalleled abilities to bring coherence to our advocacy and ultimately, to provincial and national policies of importance to the food and beverage industry. The unique strengths of FBC-ABC also include the following:

  • We have established a strong governance structure to ensure a broad cross-section of the food and beverage industry has a voice in the association’s policy development and the setting of priorities.
  • We speak for Canadian interests: All industry members have manufacturing facilities in Canada.
  • We represent the food and beverage manufacturing sector only, which allows us to focus on policy and industry issues that are most relevant to the sector.

Seize the Opportunity

This is an important time for Canada’s food and beverage industry. The federal government has identified agri-food as a priority sector through which Canada can lead on innovation and is conducting various strategic reviews aimed at supporting the sector’s growth and export expansion. In addition, a number of pending regulatory and policy initiatives have the potential to significantly affect our industry, and in 2019, a federal election will be held.

It is the opportune moment for the food and beverage industry to raise the profile of its significant contributions to the Canadian economy and build constructive and collaborative relationships with decision-makers. It is the right time to proactively shape future policies and regulations that will create sustainable value and growth for our members, and bring benefits to Canadian consumers.

Through continued growth as an industry association, FBC-ABC can further develop as a unified, trusted and influential voice for Canada’s food and beverage sector – both as an advocate with governments and a supporter of industry success.

I urge you to seriously consider joining Canada’s newest association for the food and beverage sector and becoming one of the leaders working to bring the sector to new levels of strength and impact.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact FBC-ABC’s CEO Kathleen Sullivan at ksullivan@fbc-abc.com .

Check us out at www.fbc-abc.com


FBC submitted a response to Health Canada on its proposal for Regulations Limiting Marketing of Food to Children. The submission includes comments on:

  • Defining Children
  • Defining Food as “Healthy” and “Unhealthy”
  • Factors To Determine If An Advertisement Is Directed At Children
  • Monitoring
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment