Foster Park Brokers



Foster Park Brokers is a large independent insurance brokerage as well as a risk management firm with offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie and Vancouver. With well over 100 employees Foster Park is one of the leading commercial brokerage firms in Western Canada. Within excess of one hundred billion in assets entrusted to our guidance and protection the firm continues to grow in size and reputation. Our core focus remains providing exceptional service year after year for our thousands of valued clients.


The founders of Foster Park believed that by cultivating a culture with the right values, success would follow. At the core of this philosophy is the recognition that Foster Park is an entity created for the success of others – if we help our customers succeed, we succeed. Moreover, we believe that there is a right way to pursue excellence. To capture the essence of the philosophy, Foster Park has a core value statement that clearly communicates these values: “DO THE RIGHT THING, THE RIGHT WAY WITH INTEGRITY AND EXCELLENCE!”