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PacFlange Canada was founded in 2018 in order to introduce food certified, grease-free, corrosion-free food process bearing units to the Canadian market. PacFlange Canada is the exclusive Canada-wide distributor for PacFlange Ltd., based in New Zealand where the product was originally developed with great success. PacFlange Canada brings over thirty years of plane bearing design and engineering experience to our customers in order to help them reduce cost and risk while eliminating grease and reducing maintenance in the food process industry.


PacFlange food process bearing units are standard units designed for direct replacement of conventional greased bearings (flange, pillow block take-up), but without the need for grease. These units use NSF Certified plane bearings approved by CFIA and FDA. PacFlange Canada stocks most sizes in the standard product range including flange units, pillow blocks and take-up units and builds on long experience in plane bearing applications.