FTG Foods Canada Ltd.

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FTG Foods is a privately-owned, Canadian meat processing company based in Calgary, Alberta. Since our inception in 2015, we have been dedicated to providing our authentic and quality brand meats throughout Canada. Over the last three years, FTG Foods has experienced a great deal of growth. We remain committed to expanding our business and are currently the number one seller of the widely popular Filipino sausages. In this time, we have distributed our products to over 61 Filipino and Asian Supermarkets and Restaurants in Alberta


 Meaty Juicy – MJB Jumbo Filipino Style Red Hotdog  Meaty Juicy – MJS Regular Filipino Style Red Hotdog  Meaty Juicy – MJM Minis Filipino Style Red Hotdog  Cheesy Juicy – CHS Sausage  Chicken Juicy – CHK Sausage  Longgadog – LNG Sausage  Hamonado Longganisa – HL Another Variety Filipino Sausage  Garlic Longganisa – GL Another Variety Filipino Sausage  Beef Tapa – BT Marinated Beef  Pork Tocino – TOC Cured Pork  Fishball – FB  Kikiam – KIK

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