Cannabis Producers - 2 Day Training

Risk Optimized Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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$1150/per person for AFPA Members

Deliver training in safety, quality and risk management for stakeholders across the cannabis supply chain. Pertains to edibles/processors of cannabis food products & growers/producers.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • A clear, step-wise approach to how a competent risk management program for cannabis producers is designed, implemented and internally audited for compliance to key requirements of EU GACP/GMP and Health Canada Cannabis regulations
  • Interactive workshops and practical tool kits illustrate the following concepts:
    • developing site master plans
    • competent hazard identification and risk assessment
    • using risk levels to optimize and validate controls
    • integrating effective controls with facility operations
    • corrective actions and root cause analysis
    • internal audit planning and advanced techniques
    • Clearer understanding of EU GACP/GMP and Health Canada cannabis regulations in context of intended product use

Elements covered:

  • Differences between EU and Health Canada cannabis audits
  • Key regulatory criteria included in each section of the course
  • Management roles, review meetings, risk based resource allocation
  • SGS template based site master plan development
  • GACP, GMP, security, fraud and packaging/labelling hazards
  • Writing a competent risk assessment for your facility/operation
  • Linking resource allocation to risk tiers
  • Techniques to validate controls; shelf life and test data variability
  • Integrating product safety controls into facility operations
  • Task based training, evaluation of training effectiveness
  • Corrective action root cause determination and verification
  • Advanced internal audit soft skill development, planning/matrices, integration with management review - closing non-conformances
  • Open discussion and conclusion


Participants Receive:

  • Copies of presentation slides
  • Course Handouts
  • Tool Kits for Site Master Plans, Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment, Validation of Controls, Control Plans, Corrective Actions, Internal Audits
  • Softcopies of forms/plans
  • Certificate of course completion