Online: Food Safety Training & Management System

Our online courses are meant for "onboarding of new staff" and to enhance your regular food safety training, they are in no way a replacement or substituation for any of our course offerings.  The basic online training is included in your AFPA membership at no additional charge contact for additional information or sign up here!

  • Course/Lesson Length (mins.)
    Course - Food Fraud:  
    What is Food Fraud? (Video) 6
    Reported Cases of Food Fraud (Video) 9
    Why is Food Fraud Important? (Video) 5
    Risk Assessment Tools (Video) 22
    Food Fraud Mitigation and Control Strategies (Video) 5
    Course –Supplier Quality Assurance:  
    Why Supplier Quality Assurance (Video) 10
    Supplier Quality Assurance (Video) 4
    Supplier Certification and Approval (Video) 15
    Course - Risk Assessment  
    Risk and Hazards (Video) 6
    Risk Analysis (Video) 11
    The Four Components of Risk Assessment (Video) 10
    Course – Root Cause Analysis:  
    Cause Analysis Overview (Youtube video) 18
    Five Whys (Youtube video) 6
    Fishbone Method (Youtube video) 13
    Cause and Effect Method (Youtube video) 9

    Food Safety:

    Personal Hygience 8
    Basic Food Microbiology 12
    Cleaning & Sanitation 15
    HACCP for Front Line Workers 9


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