Export / China

Let AFPA Help Grow Your Business in China

Serious about exporting to China?  We are too.  AFPA has partnered with Express Trading Canada to provide support and guidance to AFPA members wanting break into or expand their exports to China.

Working with AFPA are Robin Li, Express Trading Canada’s Business Development Manager and Yan Zhou, General Manager. Together, they provide expert advice and direction to quickly get your products out your door and through your customer’s door in China.

For more information, visit Express Trading Canada or to get trading now, contact:

Robin Li, CPA, CMA
Business Development Manager

Yan Zhou
General Manager


“Alberta’s food and beverage processing industry generates about $15 billion in annual sales, surpassing all other Alberta manufacturing industries including petroleum manufacturing. This service is a game-changer for AFPA members as it further strengthens existing food processing jobs. It allows Alberta companies to expand into this huge and growing market, resulting even more jobs."


       -Eric Haak, AFPA Board Chair

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