LEAP = Leverage Efficiencies to Drive Profit and Productivity

Using environmental process improvements, AFPA’s LEAP program will support your business with: 

  •  revenue /  expenditures 

  • employee engagement 

  •  productivity / process improvements  

  •  competitiveness / market share / growth   

  •  innovation 

  •  public trust 

The value of environmental process improvements:

  • Air compressor – fixed leaks saving 198,000 kWh/yr, ⇩ costs by $19,000/yr

  • Water valves – broken valve =  tank overflow and cooling water for equipment not running at 980,000 m3/yr costing $190,000/year  

  • Conveyors – misaligned conveyor resulted in 2.5g loss/product at a cost of $74,000/yr

  • Product reuse – end of run product diverted back into process recovering 27,000kg of product/yr and generating $117,000/yr in revenue

  • Lighting – LED retrofit ROI of 0.75 years (w/o rebates),  electricity costs going forward and better lighting assists in greater productivity! 

Find revenue in your waste!

Always keep in mind the full costs associated with food waste – purchase of ingredients, transportation, labour, energy, water, and disposal.

  • Food waste ‘prevention’ is a revenue stream: $1,000/t, $2,000/t, $8,000/t

  • Food waste ‘management’ is a cost item: $70/t, $80/t, $90/t

LEAP is here to help industry!

LEAP program is here to help your business. Let us know how we can best support you. We will connect you with the proper tools, training and support, including:

Check out upcoming LEAP workshops and visit the tools and resources page to help you identify opportunities, create efficiencies and reduce costs! 


LEAP is made possible by the generous support of Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.