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Supervisory Courses

Plant Floor Supervisory Course

This five-day course provides practical knowledge and skills needed to work more effectively as a food processing supervisor. The course provides realistic problem solving opportunities relevant to the industry. The concepts introduced in each module are listed below.

Course Description:

Module One: The Food Processing Industry

  • Apply characteristics about the workforce, workplace and the food processing industry to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Module Two: Creating an Effective Workplace

  • Assess the role of the supervisor, the characteristics of an effective workplace, the supervisor's contribution to creating an effective workplace, and the characteristics of an effective supervisor

Module Three: Health, Safety and Well-being

  • Analyze the workplace to determine the negative health and business impacts using Health Canada's Workplace Wellness model. Develop strategies to address the negative impacts.

Module Four: Navigating Documents

  • Strategies for skimming, scanning or reading for comprehension
  • Apply plain writing characteristics to workplace documents
  • Write workplace documents in plain language, appropriate to the reader

Module Five: Verbal Communication

  • Give positive and corrective feedback
  • Ask effective questions to learn different listening techniques
  • Speak assertively demonstrating awareness of body language and its effect on the listener

Module Six: Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Diagnose a problem (manufacturing, human) using the Drill Down or Fishbone Methods.
  • Develop the rationale to make a decision using the SWOT Analysis or the PMI method

Module Seven: Conflict Management

  • Recognize the signs of conflict and manage conflict between individuals and groups of people, the impact of the conflict, resolution and a follow-up strategy

Who should attend?

  • Lead Hands
  • Front Line Supervisors

For further information and to schedule this course, email or call 403-201-3657 ext. 22.