Webinar Wednesdays

Turn That Frown Upside Down: How to Handle Negative Customers and Build Brand Loyalty.

December 6 / Starts: 12 p.m. / Duration 90 minutes    

Complaints will happen in any business. Most people fear them, but smart businesses view complaints as an opportunity to improve operations, to show accountability and to possibly turn angry customers into unofficial company ambassadors.

You will learn:

  • How internal problems often go external, reaching the public and causing real damage. That’s when reputational problems occur.
  • Ways to create “listening posts” to surface problems before they go public or worsen.
  • why some company apologies fail, while others create fans and loyal followers 
  • The strategies from some of the biggest companies for handling online disputes.




Risk Management: Calling all companies – do you have knowledge to share? Contact tedf@afpa.com about leading this webinar.

January 10 / Starts: 12 p.m. / Duration: 90 minutes


Company Storytelling: Templates, tips and basic technology make it easy and quick to communicate company goals and accomplishments.

February 7 / Starts: 12 p.m. / Duration: 90 minutes

You will learn:

  • How sharing positive information on your website, on social media, on packaging and more can help reduce the hurt caused by negative media attention or social outrage
  • Easy tactics for quickly getting the word out
    • Editorial calendar – to plot the big ideas you want to communicate
    • Topic spoking – use this simple idea to ensure you are prepared to capture key moments of your editorial calendar
    • Templates, tips and technology to help you quickly write blog posts, social media material


How To Communicate Effectively in Any Situation: Control your next media interview, important business meeting, keynote speech, customer interaction and employee feedback. - October 25 

You will learn:

  • The elements that make a strong message for any situation
  • How to craft a powerful message using the Key Message Creation Sheet
  • To select power words, avoid trigger words
  • Ways to use stories, anecdotes, facts, statistics and reports to strengthen your message