Caldera Distilling

MIXR Membership / Beverages(Alcoholic)


Complete distillery producing very pure whisky, vodkas & liqueurs from Alberta wheat and rye grain.


Highwood Whisky, Centennial Whisky, Clanroy Scotch Whisky, Old Mexico Tequila, Marushka and White Lightning Vodka, Highwood White Rum, Long Island Iced Teas, Colita Coffee Liqueur, China White, Triple Sec and Highwood Black Russian. Los Guerreros (Tequila), Highwood (Vodka), Sweet Sippin Maple Whisky, Highwood Longshotz, Margarita, Sahara Dry Gin, Wild Rose Cream & Wild Chocolate Mint Cream; ; NEW PRODUCTS:Midnight Blue Sambuca, Wild Chocolate Rose Cream, Wild Maple Cream, Bello Amaretto, Amigos Style Tequila, Wild Creams, 8 Ball Cocktails, Sour Waves, & Broken Down Golf Cart


Highwood, White Lightning, Marushka, Old Mexico, Colita, China White and Centennial Sahara, Los Guerreros, Tripe Fruit "Plus", Centurion, Sweet Sippin Maple Whisky, Highwood Longshotz.