Workplace Safety

AFPA as a Certifying Partner (CP)

In collaboration with Ministery of Labour and WCB, AFPA acts as a Certifying Partner for food, beverage, and industry stakeholders and offers a Partnership Program for companies to achieve their Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Food & Beverage Health & Safety (F&BHSO) Designation

The F&BHSO designation is for those individuals wishing to achieve formal recognition for their efforts and commitment to workplace safety in the food & beverage industry. This designation is similar to, and follows the same basic principles and foundational requirements as the ACSA’s NCSO or the MHSA’s MSO designations. Read more about AFPA's F&BHSO program. 

Train with us!

You do not have to be registered in our Partnership program to benefit from our Health & Safety courses (public or in-house) & services!  There is no reason why you & your employees cannot enjoy both the value and benefits of good safety training. Raise morale & lower your lost time claims rate!  You can save money on lost time, property damage & injuries that result from such accidents/events.

See AFPA's Workplace Health & Safety Course lineup or visit our resources section for additional resources.

For further information, or to receive a hard copy of the membership package, email or call 403-201-3657 ext. 21.