LEAP = Leverage Efficiencies to Drive Profit & Productivity

Using environmental process improvements, support your business with: 

  •  revenue /  expenditures 

  • employee engagement 

  •  productivity / process improvements  

  •  competitiveness / market share / growth   

  •  innovation 

  •  public trust 

Is there value in environmental process improvements?

  • Air compressor: fixed leaks saving 198,000 kWh/yr, ⇩ costs by $19,000/yr
  • Water valves: broken valve results in tank overflow and cooling water for equipment not running = 980,000 m3/yr leak, costing $190,000/year  
  • Conveyors: misaligned conveyor resulted in 2.5g loss per product, at a total cost of $74,000/yr
  • Reuse: end of run product diverted back into process, recovering 27,000kg/yr and generating $117,000/yr in revenue
  • Lighting: LED retrofit ROI of 0.75 years (w/o rebates),  electricity costs and better lighting (pictured) resulted in greater productivity

Find revenue in your waste

Always keep in mind the full scale production costs associated with food waste – starting with the cost of the ingredients, transportation to get them to your facility, associated labour through production, energy and water use throughout, and finally waste disposal costs.

  • Food waste prevention is a revenue stream: $1,000/t, $2,000/t, $8,000/t
  • Food waste ‘management/diversion’ is a bottom-line cost: $70/t, $80/t, $90/t

Let us know how we can best support you? We will connect you with the proper tools, training and support, including:

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  • Partnerships: with industry, government and alike
  • Resourcestools, articles, blogs, case studies and more 

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LEAP was made possible by the generous support of Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.