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Food and Beverage Health Check -  a survey tool that owners/managers complete to get a sense of their performance against industry leading practices and help identify where opportunities might exist in their business to improve.

COMPLIMENTS OF Alberta Agriculture:

Getting into Retail is Hard, Staying in is Harder -

  1. Resource links mentioned include:
    1. Growing your market, making your sales pitch https://open.albertca/publications/growing-your-market-making-your-sales-pitch
    2. Selling on-line E-Commerce to expanding your market
    3. Selling your food product Infographic
    4. For more resources for local food businesses
    6. Field Agent Canada

 AFPA Sponsor an app based staffing platform that connects companies to a workforce of thousands of verified workers. Jobs get filled in a matter of minutes once posted, hrs are submitted and checked electronically, and we take care of all payroll costs! We have taken the old system of temporary labour and massively improved it with the help of modern technology. We also take ZERO placement fess when you hire a worker directly so our app is a great tool to utilize as a hiring avenue!

 Utility expenses can be a very large expense item. Managing these expenses can be very challenging as the electricity and natural gas industries are confusing, volatile and available options are often difficult to understand. 8760 is here to change all that. Our 360 degree expense optimization focuses on the entire energy bill, implementing strategies that will contain or reduce costs impacting the top part of your bill (consumption) and the bottom part of your bill (delivery). At 8760, we make the complex simple. Download information PDFWatch our short video to learn how you can save on your utility expenses:  Read about how 8760 optimizes both parts of your utility billFor more info, Joshua Kinsella or 780.292.0548

Resource Guide for Co-packing: Legal Aspects of the Co-packing Relationship. looks at the core legal aspects of the co-packing relationship that have resulted in problems for both stakeholders. It is recommended that co-packers and their clients will develop relationships based on written agreements that promote stability and clarity. With clear agreements, Canada’s brand owners can develop and scale their products faster and more efficiently. Likewise, co-packers can identify partners that are compatible with their expertise and with whom they can collaborate to maximize output.

Immigration Careone-stop agri-foods recruitment and immigration solution in partnership with GS Agri Recruit and CRT Legal 

Veolia Water Technologies -  on demand webinars (available any time)- FREE ON WATER TREATMENT

We understands the specific needs of the food & beverage industry and helps its clients reach their goals by providing innovative water treatment solutions in line with the highest quality standards.  Click and register to one of the numerous webinars given by our leading experts. If you would like us to organize a free customized webinar for you, send your request to

 workplace essential skills tools and services your organization needs. (AWES) provides workplace training that supports all aspects of a workers’ career path. This includes training trainers, assessing skills, uncovering gaps, developing programming and evaluating the results of our essential skills training. Checklist for newcomers training.

Grant Programs - The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP) Read and apply 

Canadian Agricultural Partnership Five-year $3 billion Upcoming Grant Funding 

Spending Money on Third Party Training?

The Canada Job Grant provides direct financial support for employers wishing to purchase third party training. Currently projects are being approved in less than 1 month. (All AFPA training courses are eligible many members have been very successful with this grant program). Training is intended for employed individuals acquiring new skills for their current job, or to prepare employees for a promotion or a new role. The employer must have a job available at the end of the training for the individual(s) being trained. Training must not exceed one year and typically only one application is approved per year.

Product Development and Commercialization - Program at Red River College allows companies to develop new, test and commercialize new products Read

Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions GHG program incentives that is available to all of food processors in Alberta.

The goal of the program is to reduce GHG emissions in Alberta.

New Recorded Webinar Explains Air Quality Standards for Food Sector

Following a revision to the Global Standard for Food Safety earlier this year, Camfil and BRC have launched an instructive webinar designed to give a deeper understanding of the new indoor air quality standards, detailing what these changes mean in practice. Available for free and on-demand, the jointly issued webinar puts air quality standards into context for those responsible for managing product safety and quality, giving a clear understanding of what is needed to maintain the highest possible standards of food safety and pass BRCGS audits.