Food Processing Development Center

Product Development / Business Development / CoPacker


Situated in Leduc, the Food Processing Development Centre (FPDC) and Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator (APBI) is a 140,000 sq.ft. federally inspected food processing facility. Mandate is to foster growth and commercialization of food based companies serving local and global markets. We provide a unique combination of expertise, specialized facilities, applied research product development, business incubation and business services.


With a complement of 40 highly motivated and experienced staff, we assist a wide range of clients from smaller primary producers, processors and growers to large multinational corporations and have clients in various stages across the business development continuum, some in idea generation, some in production for domestic or international sales and others overlapping one or two stages simultaneously. Our responsibility is to identify where the business is in the continuum and provide guidance, resources and direction.