Groundup Eco-Ventures

Sustainability / Recycling / MIXR Membership / Environmental Services / Oil Products / Grains & Cereals


GroundUp Eco-Ventures is a unique start-up based on the concept of circular economies, utilizing clean technology to upcycle waste streams into highly desired consumer products. We are focused on creating value from upcycling the waste streams of both the coffee and craft brewery industry with no waste stream of its own. Both waste streams represent a significant economic and environmental opportunity.


We manufacture three products from the upcycling of SCG's and BSG. Extracted oil from the SCG's is sold into the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The grounds left over are marketed as coffee flour, a highly nutritious food additive for baking and other food preparation. The BSG is also converted into a flour, with lower carbs and twice the protein and fiber of traditional flours, making it a healthy alternative to flours currently on the market. Barley Saved-Grain Flour, Gluten-Free Coffee Flour, Protein Brownie Mix, High-Protein Pancake Mix and Coffee Oil which are now available on and in local stores in Okotoks, Calgary, Edmonton, High River and Lethbridge.