Zuga Natural Sweetener

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Zuga Natural Sweetener supplies non-GMO, erythritol as a CPG to grocery stores under our Zuga brand . Our focus is reducing carbs and calories from sugar usage and improving nutrition labels to prioritize well-being of all consumers. For SMBs in the F&B industry seeking healthier sweetening options, we offer sensible MOQs and invite you to connect with us. Let's explore how we can tailor our offerings to best suit your needs. We also have co-packing capacity for granulated products


Our aim is to introduce our sugar substitute not only to the store shelves as a table top sweetener, but also to supply food manufacturing SMBs with MOQs that are reasonable for their business models. Our belief is that our purpoose is to reduce or liminate the amount of hidden sugars that are consumed by people who are trying to live healthier lifestyles through reduced sugar consumption. Because Everyone Deserves A Sweetener That Doesn't Steal Their Health! 100% Non-GMO Erythritol; private label and bulk sales.


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