Bullseye Packaging Services



At Bullseye we believe that in an ever-changing economy, a specialized co-packer can be your most valuable asset. When investing capital, expanding floor space, or increasing human resources is not a realistic option, turn to Bullseye to provide the competitive advantage in your industry. We are an extension of your business - a partner that can help you effectively and efficiently (and immediately!) get to market. Demand and change are two things that our team gets excited about. Why? Because we have the experience, expertise, and operations to deliver on and meet both.


We are leaders in professional co-packing and re-packing services. Bullseye offers support with post-manufactured, shelf-stable products in the following ways... Support with the act of packing or re-packaging for Retail into: • Your Retail Displays (POP, DRP, etc.) • Variety Packs/Multi Packs • Promotional Packs • Shrinkwrapping • Bundle wrapping trayed products • Kits • And more! We also perform: E-commerce fulfillment • Inkjetting Lot/Date coding • Recovery Projects (overlabelling, culling, etc.) • Cross-docking • Tagging • Bagging • Heat Sealing • Sorting • And more.