Prairie Farm Foods Inc.

Meat Processor / MIXR Membership


We raise our animals without growth hormones or antibiotics. We operate our own hog barn and raise our beef to meet the protocols of our Grass Fed Beef program. Through continuous improvement, our determination is to produce food in healthy soils, bright sunlight, and fresh air. To us, nutritious food means producing crops in earth that gets everything it needs from natural sources. We want customers to make educated choices by knowing where food comes from, who produces it, and how it's produced.


Our Federal Processing Facility processes pork, beef and bison. Federally certified wholesale primals of Grass Fed Beef products and pork products. We also have a variety of Provincially certified further processed artisan sausage and meat products. We have built our business on providing premium products to customers who come back again and again. We aim to continue serving our community for generations to come.