Incentives - Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions GHG program

The goal of the program is to reduce GHG emissions in Alberta.

  • Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions program offers opportunities for the Alberta Food Processors facilities to follow a tailored pathway to reduced emissions and energy efficiency.
  • Measures that can be funded via the custom program include:
    • VFDs
    • Building controls – highly applicable to multiple sites
    • Heat recovery solutions
    • Boiler system related items
    • Compress Air Systems
    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
    • Lighting is out, but most everything else we will consider if it brings GHG tonne and has line of sight to a scheduled completion date.
  • The process would be:
    • Application the Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions.
    • Scoping audits completed. (Funding available – up to 100% of costs). Note that party doing the audits would need to be approved as a program ally.
    • Engineering studies funding available for larger projects (up to 100%, completed by program allies)
    • Required for baseline on all projects. incentive differs >10,000 and <10,000 tonnes GHG
    • Energy improvement plans.
    • Results of plan evaluated for incentives; calculated on a fee per ton of GHG reduction basis.
    • Application for incentive is done by program allies.
    • Food Processors can elect to proceed or not based on final business case of measure after incentive calculations
    • Measurement & Verification of measures is required prior to incentive payment
  • The aggregate of the facilities (approx. 30-35,000 tCO2e) is not eligible a dedicated energy manager.
    • >25,000 tonnes GHG footprint would be eligible for an energy manager. 5-25,000 eligible for SEM program.

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