Incident & Accident Investigation

Course Description: Investigating incidents and accidents to learn from them and to prevent them from recurring.

This 1/2-day workshop will cover:

  • Initial response to incidents/accidents, controlling the scene, legal obligations of Supervisors to investigate
  • Collecting/protecting evidence and information, interviewing witnesses, deal with media
  • Analyzing the information, ensure reporting protocols and required documentation
  • Determining basic, immediate, and root causes, related factors/considerations, evaluate
  • Temporary and long-term corrective actions, to communicating findings at all levels
  • Incident Investigation kit (do you have one? what do you need to have?)

Who should attend?

  • Safety Coordinators
  • Plant Managers
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Strongly recommended for those who 'direct' the work of others
  • JH&S Committee Members