Certificate of Recognition / Small Employers Certificate of Registration

AFPA, Ministry of Labour & WCB have partnered to respond to industry needs by offering the Partnership Program. This is a voluntary program designed to help you lower your premiums by encouraging injury prevention and the development of effective workplace health, safety and return-to-work plan.

Specifically, it can help you:

  • Reduce accidents & costly human & financial consequences due to accidents
  • Improve work practices & productivity
  • Improve communication throughout your company
  • Improve employee morale & attitudes towards safety
Courses that are required in order to obtain/maintain your COR:

By participating in this program, AFPA members have the opportunity to receive refunds up to 20% of their annual WCB premium by maintaining a COR.  

(To determine the refund amount, 3 different performance measures are used by WCB, the one that helps you achieve the greatest refund will be used) 

  • Achieving a COR - you are eligible for a 10% refund for the 1st year and then 5% - 20% every year you maintain the COR.
  • Improving your Performance
  • Maintaining industry Leadership

Did you know?

  • All Certificates of Recognition (COR) are issued by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program and are equal regardless of Certifying Partner selected.
  • There are no government restrictions or prescriptions and If you wish to change your certified partner (to AFPA) simply follow these guidelines:
    • Contact AFPA to inform us that you wish to change Certifying Partner.
    • We will help you determine if you will need to conduct a new audit or take additional training.
    • Notify your current Certifying Partner in writing and most importantly, send a copy of the letter to AFPA.

AFPA COR Program - steps to follow to be eligible for rebates:

  1. Register with WCB in the Partnerships program naming AFPA as your certifying partner. This must be done prior to Dec. 31, for inclusion in the program for the next year.
  2. Notify AFPA of your intention to participate in the program by submitting the Partnership Registration Form and pay the administration fee.
  3. At least 1 member of your existing team, (we suggest 2 or more) must complete our 6 courses (listed above).  (AFPA may, upon request, grant equivalency for the H&S Program Building course, possibly more). You can have 1 person with all 6 courses, or multiples of staff to combine for all 6, your choice. Problem with just one is...should they leave, you are out of compliance to your own program. 

  4. Institute a Heath & Safety program which meets AFPA's & Partnerships requirements.

  5. Hire an AFPA- certified auditor to perform an external audit to confirm that your program meets the provincial standards. The costs for this is borne by you.

  6.  AFPA will conduct a QA review of the audit to ensure it meets Partnerships standards.  Once the audit passes QA review a COR valid for 3 years will be issued. (Ask AFPA about a 1 year COR).

  7. In each of the 2 intermediate years, you conduct an internal audit, which will also be submitted to AFPA for review. Successful completion of the internal audits ensures that the COR remains valid.

  8.  A 3 year cycle begins again & another external audit must be performed.

NOTE: SECOR (10 or under employees) follow the same steps with the exception of an external audit)

For further information, contact or call 403-201-3657