Workplace Health & Safety Courses

  • OH&S System Building - 2 days
  • Hazard Assessment & Control - NEW 5 hr format
  • Incident & Accident Investigation - NEW 5 hr format
  • Auditor - 2 day with a refresher required every 3rd year 
  • Auditor Re-Certification - 1 day 
  • Roles & Responsibilities for Managers & Supervisors - Refresher required every 3rd year
  • Joint Health & Safety Committees/Reps. - 1 day  MINISTER OF LABOUR APPROVAL
    • ​​​ Under Alberta OHS Act all worksites that employ more than 4 workers are required to have 1 or more employees complete this training.
      • general guidance and best practices for the development, implementation, and maintenance of an effective JH&S Committee. Includes clearly defined roles, responsibilities, functions, and a terms of reference. Provide participants with an insight to their duties, key industry standards, and compliance to applicable Ab. OH&S legislation. 
      • Topics covered are:
        • Purpose/Goals; What is a JH&S Committee, legislated or voluntary?
        • Benefits of a JH&S Committee; Basic H&S Responsibilities
        • Committee Functions, Meetings/Authorization; The 5 Pillars
        • Sequential Procedure; Sub Committees
        • Measuring Committee Effectiveness; What JH&S Committee members should know
        • Supervisors Key Role; Competency
        • 3 Group Exercises; Sample Terms of Reference

For further information, contact or call 403-201-3657